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English Basic for Adults (-> A1)
Start: 14-01-2013

End: 22-03-2013

Time: Evening

Course seats: 8

Book: MOVE Elementary, incl. CD-ROM

Target group: Adults


Thursday  20.00-22.00

Target audience

Adult learners with no or rudimentary knowledge of the English language.


No prior knowledge required.


You will be able to understand frequently used expressions.

You will be able to say what you want in a simple way in every-day situations with a “survival vocabulary”.

Your pronunciation will be understandable.


2 consecutive lessons per week over a trimester in small group (max. 8). 

Active conversation, listening and speaking practice, vocabulary and pronunciation training.

Homework and review material on CD-ROM. Homework advice available through e-mail.

Final test with attendance confirmation.


Price: 300.00